I wrote my first html and css code back in 2005 when I did an information technology module as a part of my BSc degree. It was when I got interested in programming and started wondering about the beauty of code. When you write few correct lines of code, the the compiler converts it to something meaningful to others. Isn’t it cool?

At first I was building websites and blogs as a hobby and then started learning php and JavaScript through online courses from Udemy, Lnyda, Treehouse and of course stackoverflow. I expanded my knowledge of WordPress and started building sites with custom post types, taxonomies with custom themes. During my career as freelance web developer I have used front end frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation, Semantic UI and on this site I used Bulma.

I have worked on projects for clients from different parts of the world from simple css fixes to fully functional e-commerce sites. Over the last few years I have completed more than 50 projects and most of them are WordPress related.