Web Development

Get your site built on Wordpress with custom content types and themes. Website will be responsive and pass google mobile friendly tests and all files are optimised and minified for improved load speed and SEO ready.

WordPress Updates

WordPress releases regular maintenance and important security updates. Keeping your WordPress core upto date and updating plugins keep the sites safe and secure from attacks and bugs. All updates will be tested on staging site before deploying to the live site.

Tweaks on existing sites

Simple tweaks such as changing text color or the width between images wouldn't take more than few minutes. You could save time and money by hiring the right person for the job.

Technical Support

Technical support and trouble shooting on domain issues, hosting, WordPress core, themes and plugins. Onsite visits and basic lessons could be also arranged.

Site Migration

Move your sites between different hosting providers without loosing data and search engine ranking. Change your Wix sites to WordPress sites and have more control over the design.


Checking your site performance and traffic is an important part of the online business. Knowing the visitors and their behaviour would help to streamline the contents and products.